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We offer quick Medical Marijuana Certifications and Renewals performed

Hassle-free by doctors who believe in this amazing plant!




Michigan Has Just Legalized Marijuana,

Why would I Still Want My Medical Marijuana Card Now?

1) If you're 18-21 years of age

If your are age 18 and over but still under 21 and are interested in legally using marijuana for medicinal purposes (whether growing your own plants, or purchasing your medicine from a dispensary), you will need a medical marijuana card in the state of Michigan. Our doctors truly believe in the marijuana plant and its medicinal capabilities. Come on in and explain your situation to the doctor preferably with some form of medical records (even scars and prescription pill bottles are helpful). Worse case scenario is if you don't qualify, you don't pay anything and in some cases just may be asked to come back with specific forms of records, etc.

2) To Gain Access to Dispensaries/provisioning centers

Michigan has finally legalized Recreational Marijuana

in the this years (2018) mid term elections. It is now legal in Michigan for us to possess and transport 2.5 ounces of cured Marijuana outside of our homes and 10 ounces plus 12 plants inside of our homes if your 21 years of age or older. This is a huge victory for the cannabis community and the rest of the citizens of our amazing state. The problem is, similar to Colorado it is expected that retail licensing will not become available to the public for possibly 2 years which means until sometime in 2020-21. With that said the 2 ways to obtain clean, medical grade, lab tested, and pesticide free Marijuana requires you to have a Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Card/license. Once obtained one way will be to purchase your meds from a provisioning center/dispensary, and the other would be to purchase it from a good caregiver. 

3) To Become a caregiver/ Grow more than 12 plants

Under Recreational legalization laws we cannot stack rights to grow more than 12 plants per household

(this means no matter how many people live in a single residence a maximum of 12 plants are allowed to be grown on the premises).

While that part of legalization really sucks ... here is the silver lining to that cloud:

The ushering in of new legalized Recreational Marijuana laws and regulations in Michigan has not changed our already in place Medical Marijuana laws from the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2008.

[("This act does not limit any privileges, rights, immunities, or defenses of a person as provided in the Michigan medical marihuana act, 2008 IL 1, MCL 333.26421 to 333.26430, the medical marihuana facilities licensing act, 2016 PA 281, MCL 333.27101 to 333.27801, or any other law of this state allowing for or regulating marihuana for medical use.")]

What this means for you is that you still have the right to become a patient or caregiver even in this new legalized environment. As a patient you can still grow 12 plants (and possess 2.5 ounces) for your self or assign a caregiver to grow that for you. As a caregiver you can grow up to 12 plants and possess 2.5 ounces for each patient that you have and you can have up to 5 patients. If you yourself are both a patient and caregiver, you can max out growing

72 plants and possessing 15 ounces under the old patient/caregiver laws alone.

4) To Prepare your Empire

It's no secret that once the State Of Michigan does start to issue recreational business licenses to go along with the current patient/caregiver and commercial licensing and regulations the potential for Marijuana/cannabis businesses and profits in our great great state will be HUGE its considered the modern day gold rush... well lets call it the GREEN RUSH. Obviously we're kidding but the truth is there is plenty of potential and why wait 1-2 years to get started? Bring a couple patients in to see the doctor and become a caregiver today. Why not begin to learn, help patients obtain their medicine by growing it and selling it to them while learning and laying the foundation for what could be your HUGE future LEGAL business empire. Here is a link to a local news article that doesn't explain everything, but has some

good information in it. >>> "TELL ME MORE"

5) You Wont pay 16% tax

With Michigan marijuana legalization and the new recreational regulations on the way everyone knew

there would be some tax involved right?

Here it is. Recreational Dispensary/Retail customers will have to pay A 10% excise tax plus a typical 6% Michigan sales tax on purchased Marijuana. Yikes that is a 16% tax on all Marijuana sold! While that will be great for our state considering how that money will be allocated, it will also add up to hundreds if not thousands of dollars extra a year we will pay for our cannabis. The silver lining to that cloud is that Michigan Medical Marijuana patients are not only not expected to pay that 10% tax but are also going to only pay 3% of that 6% sales tax! YAY! (: Who doesn't like to save money and especially on their medicine? So to clarify Recreational consumers will pay a 16% tax on all recreational marijuana and/or products and Medical Marijuana card holders will pay just a 3% tax on all recreational marijuana and/or products.

6) To Get Access to higher quality Marijuana

It is expected that recreational dispensaries will not be able to sell products that contain a certain level of potency to anyone without a Medical Marijuana Certification and Medical Marijuana card. | I have mine do you have yours? (we're kidding) :)|

7) To Assign a Caregiver receive discounted or free meds

When applicable I think everyone who consumes cannabis in Michigan should have a great caregiver that can provide them with discounted, or in some cases even a little free medicine every harvest! (Note* Every patient and caregiver agrees to their own specific terms) I mean why not get one/keep one? A great caregiver is a very valuable asset! Over the years at Natures Answer we have even seen quite a few great caregivers that even have great caregivers for themselves! Great caregivers are not the easiest people to find and with that said If you currently have one or know of one, stay with them or try to get on the team of one. If you don't have a caregiver and are not seeking to grow your own 12 plants

you should get a great one ASAP! They save you money!


Here at Natures Answer LLC we offer professional, painless, and hassle-free Medical Marijuana Card Certifications that are performed by Medical Marijuana Doctors that truly believe in this amazing plant. Our doctors are board certified and in good standing with the board and are pro MMMP! Our doctors have always went up to bat for their patients and been there for them when needed. Michigan Medical Marijuana Card patients will enjoy all of the same protections from law enforcement as they always have plus the the recreational protections just voted into law. This is amazing, however it doesn't go vice versa! Recreational customers do NOT enjoy all of the protections that patients do. Recreational customers also do NOT have the option to get a release for disclosure from the State of Michigan LARA/MMMP/BMR agencies. These documents don't necessarily prevent anything but these official documents presented on your behalf may truly help in some situations with employers, landlords, etc.





We are Michigan's favorite Medical marijuana certification and renewal company. New certifications and renewals are 2 for $100. Follow up medical marijuana evaluations are also provided by doctors for the purpose of maintaining a bonafide Michigan medical marijuana doctor / patient relationship. How do you get a Michigan medical marijuana card? Give us a call or walk-in, and we will walk you through the often confusing process of getting your medical marijuana license. We are always accepting new patients for appointments or walk-ins. Give us a call Mon-Sat 10:00am-6:00pm to get scheduled. With 2 locations to assist you Natures Answer Ann arbor, and Natures Answer Detroit we are just minutes away from most and are trusted by thousands of Michigan

medical marijuana patients from all over our great state.

Some of the areas we currently

serve are in or near

Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Ann Arbor, flint, Dearborn, Livonia, Westland, Troy, Farmington Hills, Kalamazoo, Wyoming, Southfield, Rochester Hills, Taylor, St.ClairShores, Pontiac, Dearborn Heights, Royal Oak, Novi, Battle Creek, Saginaw, Kentwood, East Lansing, Roseville, Portage, Midland, Muskegon, Lincoln Park, BayCity, Jackson, Holland, Eastpointe, PortHuron, Southgate, Burton, Madison Heights, Oak Park, Allen Park, Garden City, Mount Pleasant, Wyandotte, Inkster, Norton Shores, Romulus, Walker, Hamtramck, Auburn Hills, Marquette, Adrian, Monroe, Birmingham, Ferndale, Ypsilanti, Trenton, Wayne, Hazel Park, Mount Clemens, Grosse Pointe, Harper Woods, Grandville, Owosso, Berkley, Traverse City, Fraser,

Harper Woods, Sault Ste. Marie,

Many more and everywhere in between.

Thank you for choosing Natures Answer.

Natures Answer A2


(Around the corner)


Ann Arbor location Details

1070 Rosewood St. Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Natures Answer



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Detroit Location Details

2930 E.Jefferson Ave. Detroit 48207


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Patient Comments

"too many people in one place. it went by quick tho i just didnt like it."

"I'M A STAY AT HOME MOM, NEEDED EXTRA CASH WENT TO NATURES ANSWER GOT MY LICENSE AND NOW........ I AM ON MY WAY!! I wanna try those growing classes. only $ 30 ill be there. com..."

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While it is still too early to tell exactly how good this COMMERCIAL PROGRAM will be for the state, one thing that is clearly safe to say is...

Michigan has a New Industry!

Below are some links to the actual laws and the last one is a summary of the laws by: The House Fiscal Agency




SUMMARY OF THE NEW LAWS By: The House Fiscal Agency


If you are interested in getting into the heavier, and more complicated parts Michigan's New Marijuana Industry you should first contact and consult with an attorney you trust!

Here are a few attorneys that come highly recommended by many medical marijuana patients:

What is the "MMMP"?

The Michigan Medical Marihuana Program (MMMP) is a state registry program within the Bureau of Health Professions at the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. The program will administer the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act as approved by Michigan voters on November 4, 2008. The program will implement the statutory tenets of this act in such a manner that protects the public and assures the confidentiality of its participants.

*Michigan Program Statistics as of 02/28/2013

  • 366,324 original and renewal applications received since April 6, 2009.
  • 131,861 active registered qualified patients.
  • 27,128 active registered primary caregivers.
  • 33,747 applications denied -- most due to incomplete application or missing documentation.
  • Applications are reviewed within 15 days of receipt. Incomplete applications are denied and applicants are then notified of denial by certified and regular mail.
  • Complete applications, change forms and reapplications for previous denials are then processed in the date order in which they are received. If a denial letter is not received then the application is deemed valid. The statute currently allows for a copy of a valid application submitted to serve as a valid registry identification if the card is not issued within 20 days of its submission to the department.

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